May 17, 2011


Here are additional pictures from my super busy Mother's day weekend. From my last post, I showed my teapot cake that I made for my mom. She absolutely loved it and so did her co-workers. They finished everything and she only came home with my cake carrier empty and icing all over.

After that cake was finished, I still had to make a dozen Vanilla Cupcakes with Triple-Chocolate Buttercream that my friend Daniel ordered.

Since my usual recipe always gives me 2 dozen, I was left with extra cupcakes with no one to give to! (what a dilemma! who would take free cupcakes from me??) hahah! So anyway, I ended up giving it to my mom to give to her mom-friends that she was going to see the following day. I found a fabulous idea from on how to transport and pack cupcakes individually. I did mine extra fancy, of course it's Mother's Day!  

I used small plastic wine glasses, placed pink and purple "stones" inside and embellished it with sparkly heart-shaped stickers. I have a stock of this cute pink and brown polka-dot goodies bag that just fit my theme so i popped the glasses inside then voila! Fancy cupcakes eh? (Just look past the race-car inspired cupcake liners. Teehee!)

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