May 2, 2011


Wow! It's May 2nd already?!? How time flies fast! I am too excited for summer to start finally.

I am honestly disappointed with myself, seeing that I haven't updated my blog ever since I started it about a week ago. What's up with that? I've been lazy at it coz it's starting to become crazy busy at work lately and it makes me just want to chill on my days off and be as far away from a computer as possible. But no. I need to be psyched with this. I finally did it, made my own blog, and all I need to do is to balance my time and all will be fine and dandy. I hope it'll be...

It was a ho-hum work week. Weather has been up and down, one day all sunny & nice and the next day just pouring rain and all gray & yucky. I haven't done a lot of baking lately although I made Oreo Cheesecake-Bites last Wednesday as a "Thank You" gift to Stephanie, a Co-Op student at work. She 'worked-for-free' I meant learned and trained the ways of a hotel Front Desk Agent for about 2 months. She was a doll and was very helpful. Here are a few shots:

work peeps with Stephanie
I will upload pictures of the actual cheesecake-making process on a different post. It was one Oreo-riffic cheesecake!

The weekend was a little bit better. My sisters and I went to the "The Good Food Festival and Market 2011" at the International Centre Mississauga. Well, to be completely honest the only reason we wanted to go was because of a man. This man,  

the 'Duff Goldman' of Charm City Cakes

He was invited to judge a cake decorating contest that was "royalty-inspired".
Duff is one funny man.=)

You can look at the contestants on the pictures below.

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